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De Queen, AR

Attic Ventilation and Chimney Repair in De Queen, AR

About Our Services

Since we began De Queen Roofing & Siding, we’ve always aimed to be the go-to source for all roofing and home repair services in the region. Because of this, we offer a wide range of residential services such as: roofing tear-offs, repairs, room additions, decks, chimney repair, gazebos, and much more.

We’re passionate about working with our clients to assess their wants and needs and then using our expertise to complete the job. Regardless of what you’re coming to us for, you are guaranteed the utmost care and attention, each time.

De Queen Roofing & Siding is confident that we can provide the most high quality roofing and home repair services in the region. Call or contact us today to see how we can help you!  

Services Offered

Ü Residential Shingle Roofing Installation 
Ü Residential Shingle Roofing Repair 
Ü Metal Roofing Installation
Ü Metal Roofing Repair  
Ü Flat Roofing Installation   
Ü Flat Roofing Repair   
Ü Cedar Shingle Roofing   
Ü Roof & Attic Ventilation 
Ü Chimney Repair 
Ü Vinyl Siding Installation
Ü Vinyl siding Repair
Ü Vinyl Windows   
Ü Carports & Garages
Ü Room Additions
Ü Decks
Ü Pergolas
Ü Gazebos     

Metal Roofs

For a low maintenance, energy efficient and durable roof, consider having a metal roof installed by De Queen Roofing & Siding.

Energy Savings

Installing an energy efficient roof will save you money on your energy bill in the long run. Call today to see how we can fit you with an energy efficient roof.